E-Mails auf SharePoint Testserver

Die Herausforderung

Viele kennen das Problem: Mails vom SharePoint Test- oder QS-System sollen nicht an echte Empfänger geschickt werden. Man will aber Echtdaten zum Testen haben, bzw. übernimmt ganz SPALM-konform von Zeit zu Zeit die SharePoint Produktiv-Datenbank auf den QS-Server und hat damit ja auch die Benutzer mit allen Benachrichtigungseinstellungen und Workflows im Testsystem. Einerseits will man natürlich auch sehen, ob E-Mails richtig ankommen würden. Andererseits will man seine Benutzer nicht mit unnötigen Mails zuschütten.

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Logging in SharePoint Workflows

This post is about logging in SharePoint Code/Visual Studio Workflows and all pictures are taken from SharePoint 2010, although the principles are the same for SharePoint 2013.

Logging Basics

Logging is essential for developers. On the one hand it’s very helpful for debugging. On the other hand it’s the easiest way to provide feedback to your users. Since it’s a very basic function, logging can be achieved easily with Visual Studio. There are two general approaches for logging, detailed below. In both cases the logging only happens if the workflow has time for it. That means no logging will be visible unless the workflow is finished or paused due to a delay or waiting for user input.
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Open Documents from SharePoint Libraries

There are many different settings within SharePoint that influence the behaviour of opening documents that are stored in SharePoint libraries.

We want so shed some light on that subject to give you an idea where to look, when you or your users have trouble or questions. Most of the insights are based on experiences with SharePoint 2010, but they should also work with 2013.

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Walk-through: From 0 to SharePoint app in 30 minutes

Rest in peace, Sandboxed solutions, we hardly knew ye. With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft tossed out the Sandboxed Solution Concept that has just been introduced with SharePoint 2010 and replaced it with what they aptly called “Apps”. This article is meant to give you a short introduction on what is needed to develop your first app.

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Using SQL Server Alias Names with SharePoint Server 2010

Using an SQL Server Alias, you will be easily able to change the Database Server of your Sharepoint Farm. This is very useful when moving or virtualising your database server or setting up an test environment. The configuration of the alias name has to be done before Installing Sharepoint and setting up the Farm.

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Designing Sharepoint Designer Workflow Activities

Oliver here, today with some information about what steps are necessary to use your workflow activity in Sharepoint Designer.

Designing Activities so that they can be used in Sharepoint Designer (SPD) consists of four parts:

  1. Preparations
  2. Code the properties for the connection to SPD
  3. Define the display in SPD in a xml file
  4. Code the activity

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